WIPO Treaty Kicked Into Long Grass

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Breaking News: in Geneva this week, so concerted has been the resistance to the much disliked WIPO Broadcast Treaty in its current form, with even the US delegation finding serious fault with it, that at several points today it looked like the entire treaty would be dropped.

Today, at the last minute, the Chairman decided that so many countries had raised so many different objections, that a diplomatic convention on the Treaty is now to be scheduled in December 2008 – effectively kicking any resolution as far as possible into the long grass and giving time for the restructuring which is clearly necessary if ever consensus is to be reached.

UKPA members and associates once again lobbied hard for this victory for common sense and podcasting.

WIPO Treaty Threatens Podcasting Once Again

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Less than one year ago WIPO promised to re-draft its Broadcasting treaty. Member States, mindful of the harm it could cause to citizen media, refused to grant new copyright-like rights to broadcasters and cablecasters. The new draft was issued in May, but contrary to WIPO’s promise – it offers similar exclusive control to big media but offers no protection for internet users.

Please help the cause by signing the petition – it takes virtually no time at all. Beyond that, please write to your MPs. This tactic was really effective in last year’s campaign, especially when you ask your MP to pass on your concerns to the relevant minister.

This campaign is led by the EFF’s excellent Gwen Hinze. She says

“The exceptions are far worse than this time last year – there’s no mention of podcasting, webcasting or netcasting, but broadcasters and cablecasters will get the right to control internet retransmission of anything broadcast or cablecast. Therefore, podcasters won’t receive any rights under the treaty (only traditional broadcasters and cablecasters will), but podcasters are likely to be detrimentally affected by the treaty for a number of reasons. Put simply, from podcasters’ point of view, we are in the same place we were last year, but there’s an even stronger push to try to get the treaty through. If the current treaty draft is accepted by WIPO Member Countries next week, it moves to the next treaty stage – an intergovernmental Diplomatic Conference now scheduled in November.

Since we were so successful at turning around this ship last year with the help of you and your fellow podcasters, we’d like to deliver the same message to WIPO next week: Don’t Break Citizen Broadcasting on the Internet! We have put together a Dear WIPO Petition and would like to ask for your help in getting the word out to podcasters and podcasting organizations to sign on.”

UKPA’s Dean Whitbread says,

“UK podcasts are among the best in the world, enjoying a huge international audience. As well as being a dynamic part of the new digital economy, Podcasting is an important social freedom which empowers citizens, breaks down existing barriers to technology, and adds great richness to our culture.

This inappropriate WIPO legislation is dangerous, and must not be allowed to pass into national law as it stands, or we risk seeing a vibrant industry saddled with restrictions and our individual rights handed wholesale to corporate broadcasters.”

Here’s the petition and more info: http://dearwipo.com/info

Gwen will be at WIPO to deliver it in person there next week.

Here’s the EFF’s background on the Broadcasting Treaty and why it is bad for the internet.

Here’s the latest treaty draft (the Chair’s “non-paper”): http://www.wipo.int/edocs/mdocs/sccr/en/sccr_s2/sccr_s2_paper1.pdf

WRITE TO YOUR MP – remember to write the letter in your own words, explaining how much podcasting is valuable and why the Treaty is a serious threat to what we do. Ask your MP to bring this to the attention of Malcolm Wicks, MP, the UK Science Minister.

UKPA Facebook Group

June 9, 2007 on 1:07 pm | In blog, social media, UKPA | No Comments

UKPA members use many of the social networking sites, in particular, LinkedIn and Facebook.

With this in mind, we’ve started a Facebook group which members are free to join.

UKPA Thumbs Up

May 17, 2007 on 2:28 pm | In blog | No Comments

UKPA Thumbs UpThe UKPA Thumbs Up is an award to recognise exceptional effort and achievement in podcasting. We don’t give this award to just anyone – we give the Thumbs Up to people who are really exceptional in promoting podcasting, which is one of UKPA’s twin aims.

Podcasting can be personal, social, business, educational or non-profit in nature. If your activity develops the economic and the social potential of podcasting, makes more than usual headway in this rapidly developing culture in some innovative, positive and possibly landscape-changing way, then you are eligible for the UKPA Thumbs Up.

UKPA members get to nominate, so if you know of a scheme or project which you think deserves a UKPA Thumbs Up, please leave a comment here, or email thumbsup ->at<- ukpa.info and we will consider them. NB: this is not a beauty contest: this is about positive contributions and achievements. Our first three awards go to

  • PodcampUK for grassroots dedication and determinedly “un-conference” spirit
  • Podcast Nation / Cheeze for their work in promoting UK podcasting across the board
  • Women in Podcasting which addresses the gender divide – only 13.8% of podcasters are women.

UKPA members are involved in all of these worthwhile projects.

New Media Age, May 17th 2007

May 17, 2007 on 12:36 am | In AIM, Licence, music, Podcast, Press, UKPA | 1 Comment

New Media Age: Podcast producers win licence to include full music tracks

We’re starting to get some good press for the AIM agreement which gives UKPA members a preferential rate on their podcast licence. The AIM licence gives access to a 30,000 track archive. Full length no-DRM tracks, for podcasters to use in their music podcasts.

Radio stations typically remove music from their podcasts. This gives UK Podcasters a unique opportunity to re-write the rules for music promotion, opening the door for podcasters to move legitimately into traditional broadcast territory, which will hasten the shift towards media on demand.

The AIM podcast licence covers tracks licensed by the UK independent music industry and includes labels such as V2, XL Recordings, Studio !K7, Cooking Vinyl and Beggars Group. Revenue from the scheme returns to the labels, and artists will be paid as a result of podcasters using their music and paying the licence fee.

If you are a member and you want to get the reduction, contact aimpodcast ->at<- ukpa.info and quote your membership number. If you are not a member, join.

UKPA Podcasts 7 & 8

April 20, 2007 on 10:38 am | In event, Podcast, UKPA | 1 Comment

UKPA podcasts 7 and 8 are now available, from the BECTU event and the Radio Academy Production ’07 event respectively.


UKPA Podcast

April 17, 2007 on 8:32 am | In blog | No Comments

RSS IconSubscribe to the UKPA Podcast

This is an occasional podcast which focusses on UK Podcasting-specific issues.


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UK Podcasters Association is a membership organisation which aims to represent the interests and protect the rights of UK podcasters. Basic membership is completely free.

By joining you will be able to influence the development of the podcasting in the UK, and help to give UK podcasting a greater voice.

All UKPA members receive advice by email on any topic relating to podcasting, professional guidance, legal issues, newsletters, and campaign updates.

Full membership costs £3 per month if you’re a non-profit making podcaster, or £120 per year for a business, and gives you access to UK Podcasters Association facilities.

Full members have access to research conducted by UKPA and made available to it via its affiliates, partners and other national and international podcast groups. Full Members can also access internal data which other members make available to the UKPA community. To become a full member you must first join as a free member.

Click to join the Association

UK Podcasters Association One Year Old

April 13, 2007 on 1:41 pm | In blog, UKPA | No Comments

Festivities break out all over podcastland, as the only UK national association for podcasters celebrates it’s first birthday today. True to the initial aims of the organisation, it continues to protect the rights of podcasters and promote podcasting, encouraging and mentoring at the grassroots level, and at the same time flying the podcast flag in the corporate echelons of mainstream media which podcasting has now joined and is steadily influencing.

“UKPA members are making all the running in UK new media, playing key roles in exciting and progressive projects. In business our members are making enormous headway, and we continue to grow as an organisation, both in terms of numbers and stature,” said UKPA Chairman Dean Whitbread.

Podcasting News

April 12, 2007 on 11:55 am | In blog, music, Press | 1 Comment

Podcasting Is Selling MusicPodcasting News published a detailed explanation of the source of our rather lovely “Podcasting Is Selling Music” graphic.

John Buckman from Magnatune gives his explanation of exactly why the image works:

“I think is absolutely brilliant,” commented Magnatune’s John Buckman, who credits the UKPA with the design. “Podcasting is generally viewed as piracy and illegal by the RIAA, ASCAP and others, and they grudgingly give licenses to allow it in a very limited capacity (ie, 30 second samples). But, the reality is that it functions like radio, and helps sell music.”

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